SQL request for the number of patent applications

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SQL request for the number of patent applications

Postby Student on Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:30 pm

Hello everybody,

concerning my recent research project I need the following data:

The number of patent applications
- in a specific year (e. g. 2015)
- in a specific country (e. g. Germany)
- the patent should be granted subsequently

Could you please give me the SQL code for this query?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards
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Re: SQL request for the number of patent applications

Postby Geert Boedt on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:23 pm

Hello Student,
Here you are:

Code: Select all
SELECT appln_auth, count (appln_id) '#patents'
  FROM tls201_appln
  where appln_auth = 'DE' and appln_filing_year = 2010 and granted = 1
  group by appln_auth

Just keep in mind that the granting procedure can take a number of years, so you will not find many patents filed in 2015 that have already been granted. (and for which information is already included in PATSTAT).

Kindly also have a look at the self-learning modules on the PATSTAT webpage. There you will find a good selection of basic SQL queries that can help you to get going.
Best regards,

Geert Boedt
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