Abstract for EP documents not available?

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Abstract for EP documents not available?

Post by vincentvh » Wed Nov 02, 2016 2:58 pm

Dear OPS,
Thank you for this service you're offering. Apart from wishing for a larger fulltext coverage ('extend a finger and they'll take your hand' :)), I have two issues:

1. I think I have hit a bug with recently granted EP documents, for which I am unable to retrieve the abstract. I have used the developer console with these endpoints, but none gives me the desired abstract:
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... 2/abstract
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... 2/abstract
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... 352/biblio
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... 202/biblio
(switching to docdb also didn't help)

Looking for the priority document returns the foreseeable error that the result is ambiguous:
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... .A1/biblio

This is not a singled out case: I have been using the service recently for information related to granted EP specifications as published in Q1 2016, and none of the ca. 150 documents have returned an abstract (although I only checked for the /abstract endpoint with my application)

-> Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug in the service?

2. I have read the FAQ and the forum to find the easiest solution to retrieve the mosaics. From what I understand, these are only available as entire pages (either in PDF or in TIFF format), even if a page contains more than one mosaic. Is it possible in any way to retrieve the single mosaics without having to post-process the downloaded pages to try to identify every single image?


EPO / OPS Support
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Re: Abstract for EP documents not available?

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Thu Nov 03, 2016 9:40 am


It seems all your publications are Euro-PCT's and if there is a PCT that was published by WIPO in EN, DE or FR language we will not republish it as an EP publication because they are already avaialble in one of our three official languages. So, in cases like that, you will have to use a coresponding WO number to find an abstract of the WO publication. Whenever in doubt, Espacenet will be the best source to look at why something is not avaialble (see picture)

Please note that there is a difference between OPS and Espacenet; OPS is access to the raw data and has no BR's as the Espacenet which is fully functional database and that means that if WO abstract is the only one avaialble you will need to retrieve it via OPS by using the WO number and not the EP one because OPS has no business rule in place to connect all those publications.

As far as your second question, we offer:
- a first page clippings (representative drawing, as you will see it in Espacenet next to abstracts) - endpoint

Code: Select all

- images in a full text but marked with Document Section - for example

Code: Select all

document section:	name:     DRAWINGS  - start-page:    6
which means you can amend your query to load only pages from 6 to the end of the document (example EP1000000 B1 has 1 pages and drawings start on page 6)
- tumbnails (mosaiks) are avaialbe only for certain collections - endpoint

Code: Select all


http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... /thumbnail
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... .A1/images

This is why you should always retrieve images in two steps:
1.) query what we have
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... .A1/images

2.) choose the format that you want and amend the URL:
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... /thumbnail
http://ops.epo.org/3.1/rest-services/pu ... /firstpage

There is no other way and since to coverage is not always the same it makes sence to query a content first.

I hope this helps,
OPS support
Espacenet tells you that the abstract avaialble does not belong to EP document but is taken from equivalent WO and therefore OPS will only be give you a result if you use coresponding WO number.
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Re: Abstract for EP documents not available?

Post by vincentvh » Thu Nov 03, 2016 7:45 pm

Thank you very much for this fast response.

Q1: ok, now I see - I had already read similar responses but somehow I thought those were not relevant in my case (ignorign the fact that indeed my examples are Euro-PCT's)

Q2: the first page clipping is something that I did not know about, very useful!

Thank you!

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