Application numbers pre 2002?

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Application numbers pre 2002?

Post by RolfS » Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:21 pm


I hope I've put this in the right - or at least not completely wrong - place.

I have a client that needs a simple list of application numbers for all pre-2002 EP applications. I've found some information about the structure of such application numbers, but not enough to determine an actual list.

Is there a free or low-cost way of getting this information that won't breach any etiquette or guidelines regarding use of EPO online resources?

Many thanks

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Re: Application numbers pre 2002?

Post by mkracker » Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:56 am

There are several online tools at the EPO where you can retrieve EP applications:
- Espacenet
- European Patent Register
In PISE (Patent Information Services for Experts):
- Global Patent Index
- European Full text Search
- European Patent Bulletin Online
- PATSTAT Online ( ... tstat.html)

All have quite strict limits in retrieving or downloading data (max. 1 500 entries), with the exception of PATSTAT Online (max. 700 000 records). Since you want to retrieve all 1.36 million EP applications which have been filed before 2002, I recommend to use PATSTAT. PATSTAT Online can be tested for free after registering as a trial user on the PATSTAT web page.

The query you probably want to use is:

Code: Select all

select appln_auth, appln_nr, appln_kind, appln_nr_epodoc, appln_nr_original, appln_filing_date 
from tls201_appln
where appln_auth = 'EP'
and appln_filing_year between 1995 and 2001  -- adapt the range to your needs
and appln_kind <> 'W' -- exlude PCT applications where EP was just the receiving office
order by appln_filing_date
This query retrieves the application number in 3 formats. So you may chose the one which fits your needs.

Unless you want to market the data (in which case you need to sign a license agreement), you just have to follow the usual Terms & Conditions and Fair Use Policy.
Martin Kracker / EPO

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