Applications in Docx format

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Applications in Docx format

Post by YvesB » Wed Sep 05, 2018 4:43 pm

I have seen that an experimental period would be open to file application in Docx format. However, for what I know, this period has not been started.
It is actually allowed to file applications prepared with PatXML, which are an application-body.xml file with attached image files, I presume.
Is the format docx intented to replace the ability to file application-body.xml files?
If not, is it possible to file xml files edited with any kind of tool, as long as the file is conform to application-body DTD and PDF can be generated with XSL stylesheet?
In either case, which document is the reference before the EPO?


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Re: Applications in Docx format

Post by Martinadu » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:12 pm

Dear Yves,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it is still allowed to file applications with PatXML.
the DocX may replace PatXML if/when it becomes of wide acceptance but NOT
in the short term.

If you file with PatXML, the reference file is the pxml (XML) filing.
If you file with PDF, the reference file is the PDF file
When you file with DocX (eventually), the reference file is the DocX file
in both cases, the files conform to the WIPO Annex F standards.

If you generate any other files, you will need to convert into any of the above
for acceptance. PatXML allows import from doc/docx and xml files.



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Re: Applications in Docx format

Post by ipgalore » Wed Dec 04, 2019 10:30 am

Just for the sake of clarity, which precise version of the DOCX format is accepted ? Different software programs produce slightly different versions of the DOCX format depending on which interim revision number of the format they implement.

As is well known, the DOCX format has undergone multiple revisions and is still not set in stone.

How do the EPO systems handle what their systems deem to be non-compliant DOCX formatted documents ?

How does the checksum control of any given document operate ? What is the level of granularity ?

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