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Aug. 2017 - UA: change of number format

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:08 am
by EPO / Patent Data Services
In August (week 37/2017) a correction of number format in applications and priorities with authority code UA (Ukraine) was performed.

Applications and priorities with a filing-date from 2005 onwards had inadvertently been loaded with one embedded zero too many in the number for a period of time.

The correction will cover the following ranges in kind-codes ‘A’ and ‘U’:
from UA 2005000008A (old format) => UA 200500008A (new format)
to UA 2016008388A (old format) => UA 201608388A (new format)

from UA 2005000001U (old format) => UA 200500001U (new format)
to UA 2015009105U (old format)=> UA 201509105U (new format)

The correction had an impact on approximately 100.000 documents with authority-code ‘UA’ (triggered by the correction of the application numbers) and approximately 4.000 documents for a variety of authority codes (triggered by the correction of the priority numbers).

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