Availability of application fulltext when already granted

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Availability of application fulltext when already granted

Post by georg.poelzlbauer » Thu Sep 29, 2016 1:50 pm

I have a question on the fulltext data coverage (descriptions) of Austrian patents (country-code AT):

It seems to me that fulltext descriptions are available inconsistently for published applications. I am interested in fetching descriptions for Austrian patents via OPS (but this question here relates to data coverage, so I am posting it here); only machine-readable text is of interest, not pdf scans.
Full text for published applications ("A1/A2") are mostly available if the patent has been rejected or as long as the patent has not been granted. Example
In some cases only bibliographic data and abstracts are available for published applications ("A1") Example
It seems to me that fulltext is often not available for patent applications ("A1") once the patent is granted and published ("B*"), thus only the B-publication is available for fulltext Example, but sometimes it is Ex. A1 and Ex. B1
In the case of "A4"/"B1" publication (this KC basically says that the A4 and B1 are published at the same time, which is a case of an accelerated grant), both documents are often available as fulltext Ex. A4 and Ex. B1

My questions:
1. As I am interested mainly in published applications (kinds A*), is there a rule or policy in place that patent grants (once available) replace the application texts?
2. Are there general rules when I can reasonably expect fulltext description data of whatever kinds to be available for AT patents? Did I miss something in the FAQs? The overview site Latest full-text coverage lists availability for AT kind "A" fulltext as 13'000 and "B" as 421'000.

Thank you very much in advance,

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