Backward citations for set of documents from Espacenet

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Backward citations for set of documents from Espacenet

Post by Minotaur » Tue Apr 02, 2024 9:59 pm


1) I'm looking to find number of citations forward and backward for a set of documents I found in Espacenet.
As far as I know I can find number of forward citations in Espacenet itself with
ct any ''062839801,072291141,081387125,056878396,081185260,072338774,081709211,056355234,065201639,086396023,059713594, 49631608,054072192"

I'm looking a way to find number of backward citations for exemplary set !! I tried this code.

Code: Select all

SELECT app.appln_auth, app.appln_nr
,app.appln_kind, app.appln_filing_date
FROM tls201_appln app
join tls211_pat_publn pub on app.appln_id =pub.appln_id
where docdb_family_id in (062839801,072291141,081387125,056878396,081185260,072338774,081709211,056355234,065201639,086396023,059713594, 49631608,054072192) -- ....add numbers between brackets
2) Is there a way to find number of patents from this set that was X? How to manage that with this code above?

Thank You in advance

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Re: Backward citations for set of documents from Espacenet

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Wed Apr 03, 2024 8:56 am

Hello Minotaur,
there are plenty of posts on backward and forward citations that provide working SQL queries.
You have to keep in mind that citations ultimately is a reference from a patent publication (or application) to another publication. So bringing this to a "family level" might mean multiple applications (and publications instances) from the family referring to other publications. In PATSTAT we have provided a table (tls228_docdb_fam_citn) that provides the family-family relationships. The pairs are de-duplicated! So if 10 family members belonging to family ABC cite 5 family members from XYZ, it will be considered as family ABC citing XYZ. (and not 50 citations) This is also the data that is used to calculate the nb_citing_docdb_fam value in tls201_appln.
All other citation analysis models have to be done using the tls212_citation table. And there are plenty of examples.
PATSTAT Support Team
EPO - Vienna
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