Bad character in tls201_part05.txt

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Bad character in tls201_part05.txt

Post by mkracker » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:18 am

Dear subscriber of PATSTAT Biblio,

In case you have downloaded the files of the 2017 Autumn Edition before the noon of Nov 2nd, 2017:
File tls201_part05.txt contains a bad character (marked red in the middle line below) in one of its lines, which may cause issues when you import the data into your database.

44349801,"SU","3504275","A ",1982-10-25,1982,"SU19823504275","82 3504275","PI",0,N,N,Y,...
44349802,"SU","3504281","A ",1982-10-22,1982,"SU19823504281","8" 3504281","PI",0,N,N,Y,...
44349803,"SU","3504282","A ",1982-10-20,1982,"SU19823504282","82 3504282","PI",0,N,N,Y,...

We advise you to either
- replace the double quote marked red by the digit 2
- re-load the file from EPO's Raw Data Download platform, which now contains the corrected file tls201_part05.txt.

In case you have downloaded the files after the noon of Nov 2nd, 2017: You already have downloaded the corrected file.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
Martin Kracker / EPO

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