BISSAP - copying multiple features between sequences

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BISSAP - copying multiple features between sequences

Post by alexthurgood » Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:47 pm

Hi all,

I've been using BISSAP to prepare sequence listings instead of PatentIn, and I find it rather good, well, certainly an improvement on the latter once you get used to some of its quirks (like screen redrawing issues).

I was looking for a way to copy a sequence that I had already entered, and then paste it as a new one within the same project, however, I could not see of an easy way to do this. At least, Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V after selecting the initial sequence in the left hand bottom pane did not appear to work.

Then I wanted to copy over the features from the first sequence to my second sequence, which was identical to the first except for a single residue at a terminus. Naturally, the features that I had identified were the same, so I thought I could just select them all from my first sequence and then copy them into my second sequence, but the copy/paste operation only ever takes the first copied entry (even if multiple selections are made).

Is there no way to do this, other than exporting the first sequence, and then re-importing it as a new one ?

Thanks in advance for any tips or guidance.

best regards,

Alex Thurgood

D. Van Haken
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Re: BISSAP - copying multiple features between sequences

Post by D. Van Haken » Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:43 pm

Dear Alex Thurgood,

In the current version of BiSSAP (1.1) you can always copy only 1 element (as written in the post).
As to copying sequence into the same project, the user must do as follows:
1. copy desired sequence in Sequence Browser
2. navigate in Project Browser to the project where the sequence is to be pasted.
3. expand the tree and right-click on node called "Sequences"
4. select "Paste"

New sequence should be pasted at the bottom of the SEQL.

PS an update of BiSSAP (V1.2) is scheduled to be available first week of September. It will contain bug fixes and improvements

Dirk Van Haken
Product Manager Online Filing

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