Brazil: Selected questions & answers from our webinar

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Brazil: Selected questions & answers from our webinar

Post by EPO / Asia Info » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:04 pm

Dear users,

Last week our team held the first webinar on patent information from Brazil. This presentation was the first one out of the five scheduled online trainings offered by EPO’s Asian Patent Information Team under the BRICS countries series. BRICS stands for an association of five emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. Before the end of this year we will present to you patent information from all of these five economies.

To share with the visitors of our discussion forum, we have chosen two interesting questions and answers posed by the participants during the webinar on Brazil and here they are:

Q: “Can you find also information about annual fee payments on INPI database?”
A: Yes, information on annual fee payment can be found in the “electronic file”: Each document in the electronic file is assigned a service number and the annual fee payment information is found under the service number 220. According to the available legal text, annual fee payment is due from the third year starting from the date of filing. The applicant/ patent owner has three months to pay from the due date.

Q: “What is the term of protection for patents granted in Brazil?”
A: The term of protection is 20 years from the date of filing but cannot be less than 10 years from the date of the grant. In other words the term is either 20 years from the filing date or 10 years from the grant date, whichever expires later.

In case of other questions related to Brazil and BRICS, please feel free to contact us at or register for the upcoming webinars for Russia, India, China and South Africa( ).

With kind regards,

Your Asian Patent Information Services Team

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