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Bug reports

Post by domino » Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:24 pm

I was unable to find a contact address on the EPO website for OLF bug reports so I'm posting this here:

There's a bug in version related to filenames of attachments: When attaching a PDF file I have to select the type of the attachment. Let's say I select "Amended claims with annotations". The software will then upload the attachment under the new name "CLMS-HWA-1.pdf" and it will display both this new name and the original name in the "Letter accompanying subsequently filed items".

The bug occurs when changing the type of the attachment:

If I've erroneously selected the wrong type and change it, the "Letter accompanying subsequently filed items" will list as the original filename the previous new name. E.g. if I've changed the type to "Drawings", the "Letter accompanying subsequently filed items" will list the attachment with the new filename "DRAW-1.pdf" (which is correct) and with the original filename "CLMS-HWA-1.pdf" (which is incorrect).

D. Van Haken
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Re: Bug reports

Post by D. Van Haken » Thu Jan 24, 2013 1:55 pm


further investigation shows that the issue only occurs when changing the category. It is also limited to the original filename listed, which is for information only. The document type as it will be processed by the EPO is set correctly.

A future release (Q4 2013) may fix this issue.

Any question or observation in the context of the support of this product may also be sent to support@epo.org

Dirk Van Haken
Product Manager Online Filing

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