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Can't install 5.05 update

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:08 pm
by bennohansen
Dear people at/with/using Epoline,

I tried installing the 5.05 update. I then had to reinstall from scratch to 5.04 !

For some reason the people here who work with that can’t edit the new templates either. In fact, when we open the PCT one it looks like... very buggy with most parts of the window empty. I would like to show you but it looks "too spammy for a new user" :-(

Additional and perhaps related issue: We have customized templates (the zip files… with our company name filled in etc) but for some reason I can’t replace them with the ones that have come with new software!? I replace the zips and click Import and refresh but nothing happens. When I move the new standard templates back in the system folder they load right back in.