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"Certificate of Correction" of US patents not FullDocuments

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 8:58 pm
by Mike_k43

I tried to get the full PDF publication from US5052622A.

Following the OPS manual I firstly obtain the correct link to this PDF document using the query ... 2.A/images

This query retrieves one inquiryresult containing four documentinstances as follows:
[0] desc: FullDocument link: published-data/images/US/5052622/A/fullimage numberofpages:11
[1] desc: Drawing link: published-data/images/US/5052622/A/thumbnail numberofpages:4
[2] desc: FirstPageClipping link: published-data/images/US/5052622/PA/firstpage numberofpages:1
[3] desc: FullDocument link: published-data/images/US/5052622/X6/fullimage numberofpages:1

The documentinstance[3] is wrong. The link contains document kind X6 which is a "Certificate of Correction" of a granted patent. This Certificate of Correction is not a "FullDocument". It contains only one page, as is shown in the numberofpages field of documentinstance[3] and as can be seen in original on the USPTO's PAIR website. Incidentally Espacenet shows a link to the X6 document but the link is not working.

I have observed this error in OPS with other US patents having a Certificate of Correction. This error should be fixed because according to the OPS manual you must check for the documentinstance having desc=Fulldocument in order to obtain the correct link to the full PDF publication. If there are two documentinstances with desc=FullDocument there is ambiguity and it will not be possible to find out the correct link.


Re: "Certificate of Correction" of US patents not FullDocuments

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 8:51 am
by EPO / OPS Support

Thank you for your feedback, there seems to be issue in main database storing those X6 document, they are not properly loaded.
I will ask the team in charge to reload this one and checks other such publications so that all services, including OPS will be able to display them again. When the document is not prpĆ¼perly loaded we get this error page in Espacenet Classic: ... KC=X6&ND=4

Vesna for OPS support

Re: "Certificate of Correction" of US patents not FullDocuments

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 3:36 pm
by Mike_k43
I have now observed that this problem persists, in slightly other form. Retrieving the PDF FullImage of US5360656A from OPS now does retrieve the A-publication (earlier it retrieved the X6 certificate of correction) but the retrieved PDF Fullimage contains only the first page.

The associated problem with the retrieving of the X6 publication in Espacenet persists, there is still the error "Original document is not availiable for US5360656 (A)".