Certificate Update Question and Wise package comment

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Certificate Update Question and Wise package comment

Post by Jemimus » Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:02 pm

Hi all,

This may be a stupid question, but I am gonna ask it anyway.
I have inherited this EOF client-server installation, and really don't know that much about it yet.

Today I was asked to install the new WIPO certificate update. But I am not sure if I should apply this update to our server only, or also to every thinclient?

And guys, I know you like the Wise installer to package the updates, but they are a pain to use and to manipulate. Please please pretty please switch to MSI, thank you :)

For anyone that is interested, here are command line switches to use with Wise install packages (from appdeploy.com):

Wise Setup.exe Switches

/T test mode
/X pathname extracts files into pathname
/Z pathname extracts files into pathname and reboots
/S silent install
/M prompts for windows, system, temp dirs
/M=filename specifies a value file similar to /d above,
but for standard variables
/M1 same as /m plus it prompts before any file that is self-registered
/M2 reserved for internal use by Wise during debugger sessions

Uninstall (Unwise.exe switches)

/Z remove empty directories, including one with unwise itself in it.
/A automatic mode, no user choices other than cancel.
/S silent mode, automatic mode with no user choices
/R rollback mode, selects option to rollback on uninstall
/U like automatic mode, but gives all choices other than custom/automatic
title window title can be at the end of the command line.
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