citations doublecount?

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citations doublecount?

Post by gianluca.tarasconi » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:02 pm

dear all

during an investigation on citations origin I discovered a percentage of patent citations who are duplicated cause they have a double citation origin: both from applicant and search report

for example: EP 1037159 (that is also appln_id 1) ... cale=en_EP

cites the same 3 documents both from search report and from applicant.

About 0,73% of citations all over patstat and 0,33% in EP patents suffer from the same issue.
What is it's origin? is it a bug? if so, could it be fixed or may we consider them as applicant citations cause search report comes after?


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Re: citations doublecount?

Post by nico.rasters » Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:59 pm

In PATSTAT October 2011, appln_id gives publn_ids {1,2,3}
The query SELECT * FROM `TLS212_CITATION` WHERE `PAT_PUBLN_ID` IN ( 1, 2, 3 ); returns six records.
The cited_pat_publn_ids are {20311250, 20351677, 15338485}.
Each of these ids occur twice, but with citn_origin 0 and 1.
That's definitely not a bug. Actually it can be very valuable information to know which citations were given by the applicant. Or you could use applicant citations when comparing European with US patents.

SEA ==> 0 - citations introduced during search
APP ==> 1 - citations introduced by the applicant
EXA ==> 2 - citations introduced during examination
OPP ==> 3 - citations introduced during opposition
115 ==> 4 - citations introduced according to Art 115 EPC
ISR ==> 5 - citations from the International Search Report
SUP ==> 6 - citations from the Supplementary Search Report
CH2 ==> 7 - citations introduced during the Chapter 2 phase of the PCT

Btw, besides citn_origin it is also good to take citn_categ into account (only when citn_origin is SEA).
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