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citations, how to...

Post by URL260 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:40 pm

I'm a student and i have very limited skills in Patstat and mysql queries.
I'm writing my final paper and i need this informations for every patent (filed between 1995 and 2012) by a certain
-description of the patent (title, filing year, publication year)
-number of years the company has paid the fees
-number of citations of the patents received by the applicant itself
-number of citations received by a third-party

I think i figured out a way to obtain almost all the informations (you're free to suggest me a different way,or correct me) but i still miss the citations.

I hope that someone can help me out, so i can start to write down my paper.

this is the query:

SELECT han_id,hrm_l2,appln_title,publn_auth,publn_nr,appln_filing_year,publn_earliest_year,MAX(l520ep), granted--,prs_code
FROM tls201_appln a
JOIN tls207_pers_appln b ON a.appln_id = b.appln_id
JOIN tls202_appln_title t ON a.appln_id =t.appln_id
JOIN tls206_person c ON b.person_id = c.person_id
JOIN tls211_pat_publn d ON a.appln_id = d.appln_id /*per la data di pubblicazione*/
JOIN tls221_inpadoc_prs i ON i.appln_id = d.appln_id /*Tab. da cui estrarre le FEES*/
--JOIN tls212_citation e on a.appln_id = e.cited_appln_id
( hrm_l2_id='6318438'
OR hrm_l2_id='6318440'
OR hrm_l2_id='6318439'
OR hrm_l2_id='6318442'

AND appln_auth='EP'
AND publn_auth='EP'
AND applt_seq_nr > 0 /*discriminatore che tiene in considerazione solo gli applicants e non gli inventori*/
AND appln_filing_year BETWEEN '1995' AND '2012' --AND granted = 1 /*Per eliminare le applications non risultanti in brevetto*/
GROUP BY a.appln_id
ORDER BY hrm_l2_id,appln_filing_year, publn_nr

Thank you in advance!

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