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Client Install MSI options and behaviour

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:44 am
by Jemimus
Is there a way, like a custom property perhaps, to pass the installation path as a parameter to the MSI installation of the client?
We need it to install to the D drive as standard.

Is there are complete list of all the custom properties we can pass?

The ones I know if so far:

ALLUSERS= < Boolean 1 / 0 >
CORBA= < Boolean 1 / 0 >
port=xxx (integer)
host=xxx (string)

I have a complaint about the MSI also, already mentioned in other thread, but just to reitterate here because I feel it is important.

By default the installer will attempt to delete the old folder of the previous version of the OLF client. If it finds this folder, it will ask a question about if it should remove it or not.

The issue is this: it asks this question even during completly unnatended install ( /qn ) !!
This is very bad, and we had the same problem with the OLF4 install with the connection string.

We need to be able to assume, aways, that /qn will supress EVERY message at all times. This is crucial for system administrators that build application install automation.
/qn should install an application always completely unnatended, in a default configuration that is known and documented.

Every question should aways be suppressable AND able to be passed with parameter if needed, but /qn should in all cases do what its suppose to: Completely unnatended.

Other than that, I have had no issues with the client ;)

Re: Client Install MSI options and behaviour

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:00 pm
by Omega
You could use

INSTALLDIR="D:\....", which would do what you wanted.
But I haven't tested if epoline finds its settings after that.

Re: Client Install MSI options and behaviour

Posted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:05 am
by Jemimus
Thank you Omaga, that worked linke a charm!