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Climate change patents by country and priority date

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:21 pm
by Ladislav Tvaruzek
Dear PATSTAT users

I would like to ask you for an advice.

I'd like to count the number of patents in Y02 ECLA category ("climate change patents") by country of invention and earliest priority date (1990-2010), filed in EPO only. I tried to use the following query but I'm far from confident of its corectness. I would be very grateful for any suggestions! LT

select a.appln_id, appln_auth, person_ctry_code, prior_earliest_date, epo_class_symbol
from tls201_appln a
join tls217_appln_ecla b
join tls207_pers_appln pa on a.appln_id = b.appln_id = pa.appln_id
join tls206_person p on pa.person_id = p.person_id
epo_class_symbol like 'Y02%'
and person_ctry_code="DE"
and a.appln_filing_date >= '1990-01-01'
and a.appln_filing_date <='2010-12-31'
and a.appln_filing_date = a.prior_earliest_date
and appln_auth="EP" limit 2