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Common Citation Document (CCD) - New download feature

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 12:54 pm
by Patent Information Marketing
The Common Citation Document (CCD) application is a web-based service that provides single-point access to citation data supplied by more than thirty patent authorities. The CCD application is accessible via Espacenet and the IP5 website:
The main feature of this tool is to visualise the relations among the prior art cited by all participating offices for all the family members of a single patent application. This allows applicants or inventors for example to anticipate the outcome of applications at an early stage and to understand where and how examiners from different patent offices are looking (or not looking) for prior art. The tool can also be used to observe the activities of cited applicants in order to identify possible competitors, partners or infringers. The CCD application now has an added download function which allows you to download (in CSV or Excel format) a set of cited documents based on a single application with or without the citations of the family members. Some of the data attributes in Excel format will have active hyperlinks to Espacenet. The CSV format also allows you to import the data into your own patent management systems. If you have any questions on CCD, please write to, mentioning CCD in the subject line.