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Correction code questions/requests

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2024 10:40 am
by gerben
Dear Forum,

in the instructions for the European publication server at ... rvices.pdf describes the url template for 3.4 Retrieval of raw data

Code: Select all{patentNumber}/document.{format}
with {patentNumber} defined as: country-code + number + correction-code + kind-code
and as example: EP0729353NWB2
For most common information specialists the parts country-code, number and kind-code are common knowledge, but the correction code is probably not common.
Am I correct to assume that 'NW' retrieves the original document and , according to ... efinitions, that the codes 'W1' and 'W2' would refer to the first and second corrected version? Which I asume to be applicable only to A8, A9, B8 and B9 documents, since corrections to A1, A2, B1 are published as A8, A9, B8 or B9.

Question 1)
Dear forum, am I correct in this assumption?
Suggestion 1)
Dear EPO experts, If this is correct, please add such information to the manual at ... rvices.pdf
Question 2)
Does the system support a query construction that checks if correction documents exist?
Suggestion 2)
Dear EPO experts, if it does not exist, would you consider creating a special code that would retrieve the most recent corrected version of the document (e.g. 'WX' which translates in the background to 'W2' if two corrections exist, but to 'NW' if no corrections exist).

Just some thoughts