Country Filter - missing applicants

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Country Filter - missing applicants

Post by thomasgindele » Tue May 25, 2021 7:38 am

I did a search within a certain time period and two CPCs. I was looking at a certain applicant, who has an EP application. When I set the country filter to EP - the applicant is there. When I add CN the applicant dissappears? What happens here? Are there some cutoffs with too many results? I really would appreciate help as I cannot trust the results this way. Thanks ... 16-2020%22
EP Filter: The company agrilution is there ... 16-2020%22
EP+CN Filter: The company agrilution is not there??

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Re: Country Filter - missing applicants

Post by Patent Information Marketing » Tue May 25, 2021 7:54 am

Dear user,

Thank you for your question. The company "Agrilution" is actually still present in the retrieved results when filtered with "EP or CN". You can check it with the following query:

(cl = "Y02P60/21" AND cl = "A01G31/06") AND pd within "2016-2020" AND pa = "agrilution"

However, Espacenet only allows the display of the first 2000 results. Therefore, because filtering with "EP or CN" retrieves 3275 results, it can well be that the patent document of Agrilution is not present in the first 2000 displayed results.

Kind regards,

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