Cross-Domain example causes error in chrome.

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Cross-Domain example causes error in chrome.

Post by bentwonk » Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:11 am

*Note am having to replace URLs to get past the spam filter, is that really necessary?

I am following the example given in the document :
"Open Patent Services, Cross-Domain Requests Support, Version 1.0.0"

I have upgraded the urls so they point at 3.1, also in order to prevent the error:

"Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid target origin 'eposite' in a call to 'postMessage'. "

I changed line 18 from

however chrome still generates an error on the cross site file:
Refused to set unsafe header "Origin" in crosssitescript h t m l: line 37

Regards Ben

full test code here (note urls mangles to get past forum spam filter)

Code: Select all

<script language="JavaScript">

function runit() {
    // Get the iframe window object
    var client = document.getElementById('client');
    // Create the data string to be passed to the OPS JavaScript
    var data = "{'url' : 'h:eposite as per doc', " +
	"'method' : 'GET', " +
	"'requestHeaders' : {'Origin': 'eposite','Accept': 'application/json' }, " +
	"'body' : ''" +

    // Use the postMessage() method in order to send the data to the
    // iframe object
    client.contentWindow.postMessage(data, 'h:eposite');
// Add event listener for your window
window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false);
// Method handling window events
function receiveMessage(event) {
    // Check origin of the event!
    if (event.origin == "h:eposite") {
        var dataJSON = eval('(' + + ')');
        // work with data / display data
    else {
        alert("Got message from unknown source.");

    <input type="button" onclick="runit()" value="runit"></input>
    <iframe width=50 height=50 id="client" src="h:eposite as per doc" />

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