Data retrieval of the patent references possible ?.

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Data retrieval of the patent references possible ?.

Post by alexsunny123 » Thu Jul 01, 2021 9:06 am


I am new to patent research and I could use some help. I am researching about a half a dozen patents, and I need help creating a code to find the patents that each of them reference. I need the publication date, filing date, and priority date of each patent that is referenced from the original patent. I would then like to search for each of the resulting patents using the same method and record the third tier of patents that are referenced.

Also, what would be the best method to extract the data and put it in Microsoft Excel? Is all of this possible using this service? If not, is there a way to complete my research using a more effective method than just searching through each patent individually?


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Re: Data retrieval of the patent references possible ?.

Post by EPO / PATSTAT Support » Mon Jul 05, 2021 8:14 am

Hello alexsunny,
yes, it can be done in PATSTAT, but if you only need to do this for "half a dozen" of patent applications, it might be easier and quicker to do this via ESPACENET and the CCD (Common Citation Document) platform. ... /ccd_index .
Getting acquainted with PATSTAT and SQL can be rather challenging.
CCD allows for "1 level" lookup and easy export into an excel sheet. You have then the possibility from within that excel sheet directly open the "cited" documents and repeat the process.
(There is a small hick-up: the link in the excel sheet goes to what we call the "old espacenet", so you might be thrown of guard on the different layout, but the functionality is the same and you can also export that "second level" citation.) Priority data is not in the exported data; filing date is.
If your patents include US patents (or cited US patents), you also might exclude the citations given by the applicants to keep the numbers reasonable (and the results more relevant). This yo can do via the filter on the CitnOrigin column H in the exported excel sheet.

And what is also important is the size of the search reports of those "half a dozen of patents". If many documents are cited (by the family), and they in turn cited many other patents (or NPL), then the numbers can get very high anyway. You will need to try it out with your selection.
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