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Re: Database-Size

Post by matt.woodward » Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:20 am

I would like some clarification on this topic and none of the replies seems to actually answer the original query.
i.e. How does one reduce the database file size after emptying the Trash.

Our database file is now ~1.3GB. Several weeks ago I tidied up by deleting all the 'Sent' applications older than one month (we export them as soon as they are sent but people are reluctant to delete them immediately).
I also emptied the 'Trash' folder.
I had hoped that at some point the database would be automatically purged/compressed but this hasn't yet happened and it appears that I may have to do it manually.
Although I have frequently seen the advice that eOLF should not be used to archive 'Sent' filings, this is rather irrelevant if deleted applications are never removed from the database.
It is possible that the information I want was available under another thread but the link in Yves post is now broken and it would appear that the thread he refers to has been deleted.

Could someone clarify whether the database is automatically purged and when or under what circumstnaces this happens.
It would also be useful if this thread explained how to do this manually.


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Re: Database-Size

Post by alexthurgood » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:49 pm

Hi Matt,

A reply was given from the EPO that the graphical user interface was designed to prevent the user/admin from carrying out such maintenance tasks, for fear of "wreaking havoc" (my own words) with the database schema, and possibly your valuable data.

If you want to learn how to administer your firebird server, I suggest you look at the documentation for the version that the EPO uses in its eOLF product (mine is currently at version 2.1.3). Some of the latest documentation available is here : ... dline.html

and ... eping.html

Bearing in mind that as you can define your server to run with a certain number of network ports open, it should be possible to design a cron or cron-like job that would connect to the server and do the relevant housekeeping for you at regular intervals.

You could also try playing with the firebird.conf file, in particular, the "Garbage Collection policy" entry, to see if that makes a difference to your overall db size. If the server is used frequently, it should, depending on the policy used, reduce size to some extent.


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Re: Database-Size

Post by JBL » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:54 pm

Hi Matt
the database doesn't get purged automatically. And there is no easy way to compact the database in Epoline Server Manager.

What I do is the following:
1. Backup the database
2. Export or delete those "Sent" applications which you no longer want in the database
3. Backup the Database
4. Empty the Database. Make sure to import your addresses and your unsent items when the corresponding mask opens
5. Restore the Database from the Backup made under item 3.

This works for me