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Decommissioning of OPS version 3.1

Posted: Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:58 pm
by EPO / OPS Support
Dear users,

We have announced already on different occasions that OPS version 3.1 is to be replaced by version 3.2. Consequently, we have urged all users to migrate to the more recent version of OPS.

Currently, the implicit calls to OPS (calls whose URL does not explicitly mention the OPS version, of the kind ) are still directed to the old version 3.1.

During the morning of 8 January 2018 (Central European Time CET) we will re-route all implicit calls to the new version 3.2. At this point a request of the kind will be equivalent to the request

Please bear in mind that explicit calls to version 3.1 ( will still continue to work, but for a limited time only. Given that we will not be able to maintain full functionalities on both versions beyond January, we intend to replace these URLs shortly afterwards in order to prepare for the final decommissioning of version 3.1 to

Summary of time plan:

- 8 January 2018: version 3.2 is only official production environment for OPS
- End January 2018 (exact date to be announced): version 3.1 is preparing for final decommissioning (
- End February 2018 (exact date to be announced): version 3.1/end-of-life to be switched off completely

OPS support