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DLE field for patent monitoring

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:38 am
by bjurgens
Dear GPI Team, Dear Patrick
first of all congrats for this new GPI Forum, which I believe will be very useful for GPI Users...

to my question: I am trying out the DLE field (date of lat exchange) as mentioned in the GPI User Manual, but always get 0 results, even when using the exact same examples as in the guide (i.e. DLE = 20130829 ), why is that?

Further questions:
- How would I do a monthly monitoring, is it possible to use date ranges in the DLE or DLELS fields? (e.g. I want to know all patents in my search field which have been modified in a specific date range) Or do I have to manually look up all relevant DOCDB exchange dates and include them in the search?

- in this context: is RSS feed functionality planned for GPI?

Thanks & best regards

Re: DLE field for patent monitoring

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:28 am
by Patrick Le Gonidec
Hola Jurgen,

See GPI user manual (page 43, 44, 57 and 81) where we say that, for weekly monitoring, you should use the most recent date of the DLE index (the date given in the example is no longer valid...).
Let's take an example. GPI was updated last Friday at 12:00 and today (or tomorrow morning at the latest) if I want to retrieve only the documents added to GPI last Friday my query would be (the most recent date in the DLE index is 2015/02/05):
DLE = 20150205 - it returns 1.059.366 documents.
I can also be more specific asking GPI to retrieve only the documents which are included in GPI for the first time using the STA criterion (document status - A for amended e.g. reclassified, C for created i.e. new in GPI - see details in GPI user manual page 43, 57):
DLE = 20150205 and STA=C - it returns 96.974 documents.

The reason why a DLE which is not the most recent one cannot be used is the following: documents are exchanged (i.e. extracted from DOCDB and made available in GPI) in a given week (DLE=date1) and frequently re-exchanged later on (DLE=date2) due for example to reclassification. Therefore, assuming that the current DLE is date2 and date1 < date2, if your query is DLE=date1 you would not retrieve all the documents which no longer have a DLE=date1 because they now have a DLE=date2.

Same principle for a 4-weeks monitoring i.e. the selected four weeks must be the 4 most recent dates available in the DLE index. Note that the use of STA=C does not make sense in the context of a 4-weeks monitoring (documents may have STA=C in a given week and STA=A in a subsequent week due e.g. to reclassification).

Instead of using a DLE date range in a query I would recommend to simply drag & drop e.g. the most recent 4 DLE dates from the DLE index (or DLELS) in the query edit zone. Please note that twice a year we reprocess the full GPI database (DOCDB backfile) i.e. twice a year all documents have the same DLE (see user manual page 44).

For your info, to ease regular monitoring we may add a new criterion MRBIB "Most recent bibliographic data" (and MRLEG "Most recent legal status"). The query MRBIB=YES would automatically select the most recent date in the DLE index.

To date, no plans for RSS - As for most of the features, the decision may come from users needs...

Re: DLE field for patent monitoring

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:21 pm
by bjurgens
Hello Patrick
thank you for the extensive response, everything understood. Very good idea to implement the MRBIB fields!
Best regards