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DOCDB and Concordance Kind - How to find granted patents?

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 3:08 am
by sram04
We have noticed that there is a "Kind code" in docdb xml files we subscribe to.

<exch:publication-reference data-format="docdb">
<document-id lang="en">

Is there a way to filter "granted" patents based on the kind code?
We were able to access the universe of kind codes here - ... 201002.pdf

Is there a direct relationship between the kind code and "granted" status?

Thank you!

Re: DOCDB and Concordance Kind - How to find granted patents?

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2021 5:19 pm
by EPO / OPS Support

Data in DOCDB in XML has kind of the documents codes as those in the table, under DOCDB column, of course. Please note that the table shows kind codes as EPO has them in our databases, not necessary same as original kind codes in national offices (some biblio data does not have a kind code, but there will be one in our dataset, like D1, A0 etc) But its up to you how to extract only that information from the DOCDB. DOCDB in XML is a bulk data set so there is no filtering in weekly extractions or backfile , you need to process the set first and then apply your filtering, any way you want to.

In this same table you have even better source of checking publication status and that is ST30 column that describes tag called "dates-of-public-availability". This information is part of DOCDB-based services (so, not available in OPS).
There you can focus on data with specific tag like tag 450 (see attachment):
But please note, just because a document has grant -related kind code or public availability tag, you need to always check if application is still valid and if annual fees are still being paid. This information will not be part of the DOCDB biblio dataset, its more legal events and register information, either on EPO's or of national registers.

If you have more questions contact me at patentdata(at)

Vesna for OPS support