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Document Inquery, search by family Id ?

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:44 am
by Bruno
Dear Support,

Actually, to see if first page clipping exists for a patent I use the Patent Number, but sometimes
for a specific PN there is no FPC but it exists for a family member.

i.e: ... .A1/images

FPC not exists

so if I use a family member as you do on Espacenet: ... .A1/images

FPC exists.

Then, I would like to know if we can search FPC by Family ID and not PN ?

Thanks for your answer,

Re: Document Inquery, search by family Id ?

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:13 am
by EPO / OPS Support


Unfortunately no, it’s not possible to combine CQL search ("famn" field identifier) with the "images" constituent.

Also, only in Docdb you can see which family member is a representative patent family member and Epodoc that is the database feeding OPS and Espacenet does not offer that information so you could only presume that if there is no FPC and there are family members from WO, EP, DE, FR, GB, CH and/or US in the family then one of them is a representative member and that one might have FPC included.

Please note that a deduplication feature in Espacenet does not give you a hit list with representative family members but actually gives you a search result of the last added document to the family and that makes kit different with what Docdb will give you. Representative family member info in Espacenet is only really visible in text announcements of biblio, claims and description saying:
Abstract not available for EP2903702 (A1)
Abstract of corresponding document: FR2996142 (A1)
I still think that if you are really only interested in extracted first page images aka representative drawing that the only way is to look for equivalents, then make a search in their "images" content and take a FPC available for any of the equivalents (as I said, they need to be WO, EP, DE, FR, GB, CH and/or US)

Only other potential option I see is to download "Fullimage" of the wanted document, look for Document section "Abstract" and load that page, but that all depends what exactly are you planning to do with FPC's in the first place ... ge?Range=1
In this case you can actually get images of all representative drawings on first pages of any patent document ( provided they exist), not limited to a already mentioned collections and you can maybe find a way to extract it or use PDF’s/TIFFs of the entire first page.

I am not sure how helpful that is but unfortunately I have no better proposal for this case.

OPS support

Re: Document Inquery, search by family Id ?

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:40 am
by Bruno
Thanks for this information,

I will see what is the best process for me.

Have a nice day,