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Download of the DOCDB back and front files

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 10:34 pm
by adiggs
I'm a newly registered DOCDB user. I'm attempting to complete the initial acquisition of the files that make up the backfile and frontfile, and I'm stuck.

I can download the individual files from the website by clicking on the files 1 by 1. Besides being manually intensive, it's also inefficient as I'm working from home these days, and end up downloading the files to my laptop, and then need to push them out to the server where I'll be working with them.

I tried wget <url> to fetch the files direct to the (linux) server. That works fine for the files in the free section of the bulk data. I get an Access Denied error though for the DOCDB files.

I tried adding the --user and --ask-pass parameters, and still get the Access Denied errors.

I didn't find anything in the OPS documentation talking about fetching these files, nor have I found any other documentation covering how to fetch these files programmatically. Even if I do download the files manually to get started, I'll still need programmatic access for the new front files as they become available.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Download of the DOCDB back and front files

Posted: Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:09 am
by EPO / OPS Support

DOCDB and OPS are in no way connected, if you didn't yet, then send us an email to patentdata(at) and we will send you info you need for automated download of bulk data.

Vesna for OPS support