Enhanced GPI searches using INPADOC categories

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Enhanced GPI searches using INPADOC categories

Post by EPO / EPAL Team » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:10 pm

Dear Patent Information users,

The EPO currently manages approximately 4 000 detailed legal events supplied by around 50 different IP authorities (national, regional including the EPO, and WIPO). In Q2/2018, to make more sense of all these events, we classified approximately 3 000 of them in 21 categories. For example, the category H “IP right cessation” currently covers approximately 400 events triggered by IP authorities in the case of an invalidated, surrendered, abandoned, lapsed or expired IP right.

These categories are now searchable in GPI using the search criterion EVCA “Event category” and, for example, a search using the query EVCA = H retrieves documents with at least one event relating to IP right cessation. In other words, by using EVCA, you can avoid creating complex queries that would require having to take account of, in this example, approximately 400 individual events. EVCA can of course be combined with other legal event and bibliographic data search criteria.

We have also improved the way in which legal events are displayed (now in a table with sortable columns).

Last but not least, we renamed the following search criteria:
EVC “Event code” to EVCO
EVT “Event text” to EVDE “Event description”

You will find more information in the user manual downloadable from the GPI page, and detailed information on categories in the document "INPADOC classification scheme" downloadable from our Manuals page.

Best Regards,

Patrick Le Gonidec

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Re: Enhanced GPI searches using INPADOC categories

Post by Patrick Le Gonidec » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:52 pm

You will find more information on INPADOC categories and their use across EPO Patent Information products at this link (Data News Forum)

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