EP full text biblio ST36 XML and EBD front file with CPC as off 37/2021

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EP full text biblio ST36 XML and EBD front file with CPC as off 37/2021

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Mon Aug 16, 2021 12:39 pm

Dear users of 14.1 European bibliographic data EBD and 14.12 EP full text data in ST36XML

Please be informed that as of publication week 37/2021, for data published on Wednesday, 15 September 2021, the bibliographic data of EP-A and EP-B publications will include Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) information.

The CPC data can be found under B520EP: classification-cpc, classification-cset and grouping elements classifications-cpc and classifications-cset. All CPC elements are grouped under B520EP and not duplicated under bibliographic-data in ST.36 XML

EP full text data in ST36 – biblio sample:
Capture_sample EP full text.PNG
The original full text image publications of EP A and B documents (PDF, TIFF) will only appear with published CPCs sometime before the end of this year. We will inform you when the date of first such publication will be confirmed.

In week 37/2021 the European bibliographic data (EBD) will also be made available with CPC data and the European Patent Bulletin PDF will publish CPC classifications.

The CPC classification data can be found in the new XML data element B520EP. See more information in EBD user manual, available in Manual section, under “EBD specifications version 3.27”: https://www.epo.org/searching-for-paten ... nuals.html

For this purpose the Document Type Definitions (DTD) of ep-patent-document version 1.5.1 and ep-bulletin version 1.5.1 were introduced in publication week 27/2021. You will find them both here:

• 14.12 EP full text data: ep-patent-document-v1-5-1.dtd: https://publication.epo.org/raw-data/pr ... oductId=91
• 14.1 European bibliographic data EBD: ep-bulletin version 1.5.1: https://publication.epo.org/raw-data/pr ... oductId=91

For any questions, please contact patentdata@epo.org

Vesna Vajsbaher on behalf of Patent Data team

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