EPO forward cit low coverage?

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EPO forward cit low coverage?

Post by Damian_TR » Mon Mar 18, 2024 11:50 am

Dear Forum, I want to analyze at the regional level the forward citations for european regions (I am planning to use Postal codes and aggregate them to NUTS3 level), but first I need to work at the patent (applicant) level to check for self cit (if a firm in the cited patent is the same in the citing patent). I am working with EPO patents coming from OECD Reg Pat (202202_EPO_CITATIONS.txt).
I see that the coverage for citing EPO patents is complete (nearly 3.8 million EPO patents citing other patents not exclusively from EPO), but when looking at cited EPO patents (for forward cit) I see only 892,089 cited EPO patents (and of course, these patents are only cited by other EPO patents only). So, the coverage for computing forward cit for EPO european patents is very low in comparison with backward cit. And even worse, you can only see if a EPO cited patent, is cited by another EPO patent (but you do not know if an EPO patent is cited by other authorities patent).
Am I missing something here? When I see other papers working with EPO database at regional level and computing forward cit, do they also have this issue (and thus, their coverage is also low)? I mean, do they only compute EPO to EPO forward citation measures?
I will appreciate any advice!


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Re: EPO forward cit low coverage?

Post by EPO / EPAL Team » Fri Mar 29, 2024 11:43 am

please forward this question to support@epo.org and indicate PATSTAT in the subject line

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