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Espacenet shows CPC International

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 3:29 pm
by Patent Information Marketing
Following the release of the CPC International on 24/25 August 2019, version 1.2.1 of new Espacenet has been released to implement these changes. This means that the authorities that have assigned CPC classification symbols are now displayed next to each classification symbol.

New Espacenet with CPCI .jpg
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CPC symbols will continue to be propagated at family level, which means that every member of the simple patent family will display the same CPCI symbols in the bibliographic data view.

Use of the field identifier "cpc" in Smart search or the search field "CPC" in Advanced search will still search all documents that have been assigned the CPC symbol in question, independently of the assigning authorities.

New Espacenet, however, now offers the possibility of searching for documents where CPC symbols have been assigned by specific authorities. Here are some examples of queries you can use for this purpose:

cpc=(C08F220/26 prox/unit=sentence EP)
cpc=(C08F220/38 prox/unit=sentence (US, EP))
cpc=(C08F220/26/low prox/unit=sentence (US, KR, EP))
cpcc=(C07C37/08 prox/unit=sentence (CN, EP, US))
cpcc=(C08F218/08 prox/unit=sentence (C08F220/06, US, EP))

You may find Advanced search helpful to formulate such queries easily.

You will find general information on the CPCI on the CPC website. For more details on the CPCI, please send an e-mail to

This release also includes some other improvements and bug fixes.