ExtJS4, Ajax request on OPS ? Problem with cross-origin...

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ExtJS4, Ajax request on OPS ? Problem with cross-origin...

Post by Bruno » Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:58 pm

Dear OPS Support,

I'm trying to get my Token by using on my server an ExtJS4 ajax request (sencha framework).

My code is below but I get always this error on FireFox.
I understand the problem, but I don't know how can I solve it... :cry:
"NetworkError: 401 Unauthorized - https://ops.epo.org/3.1/auth/accesstoken"

Une demande multi-origines (Cross-Origin Request) a été bloquée : la politique « Same Origin » ne permet pas de consulter la ressource distante située sur https://ops.epo.org/3.1/auth/accesstoken. Ceci peut être corrigé en déplaçant la ressource sur le même domaine ou en activant CORS.
I use this code:

Code: Select all

        Ext.Ajax.useDefaultXhrHeader = false;
        Ext.Ajax.cors = true;
            scope   : this,
            url     : 'https://ops.epo.org/3.1/auth/accesstoken',
            method  : 'POST',
            //type    :'jsonp',
            cors    : true,
            headers: {
                'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': '*',
                Authorization   : 'Basic QXQ1TEJ6bUta....vNUNYYWQ4NzJOenY2NA=='
            params: {
                grant_type      : 'client_credentials'
            success: function(response) {

                // convert text response to javascript object
                var res = Ext.JSON.decode(response.responseText);
                // if server response contains "success" node, then success!        
                if (res.success === true) 

Is someone here (or the support) has already done that with ExtJS4 Sencha ?

Many thanks for your help,


Bruno M.

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