Febr. 2017 - Introduction of a new search authority: XV = Vi

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Febr. 2017 - Introduction of a new search authority: XV = Vi

Post by EPO / Patent Data Services » Mon May 22, 2017 1:45 pm

The new DOCDB schema release has been triggered by the introduction of a new search authority: XV = Visegrad Patent Institute

The enumeration list of simpleType “countryType” has been extended with an additional value.

This extension will have no impact on the actual structure of the schema – the extension of the enumeration-list should in theory be transparent.

Code: Select all

<simpleType name="countryType">



                Country names and codes taken from WIPO ST.3 and ISO 3166.sssssssssssssss

                From IETF RFC 1766:

                "NOTE: The ISO 639/ISO 3166 convention is that language names are

                written in lower case, while country codes are written in upper case."



                                                [ ... ]

                                    <documentation>Hague Agreement [designs]</documentation>

                                    <documentation>Nordic Patent Institue</documentation>

                                    <documentation>Visegrad Patent Institute</documentation>

                                    <documentation>Old Democratic Yemen</documentation>




                                    <documentation>South Africa</documentation>


                                    <documentation>Zaire - Transitionally reserved</documentation>



                        <restriction base="string">

                                    <enumeration value="AD"/>

                                                [ ... ]                

                                    <enumeration value="WS"/>

                                    <enumeration value="XH"/>

                                    <enumeration value="XN"/>

                                    <enumeration value="XV"/>

                                    <enumeration value="YD"/>

                                    <enumeration value="YE"/>

                                    <enumeration value="YT"/>

                                    <enumeration value="YU"/>

                                    <enumeration value="ZA"/>

                                    <enumeration value="ZM"/>

                                    <enumeration value="ZR"/>

                                    <enumeration value="ZW"/>


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