Fee table is not clear at quick overview

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blue & green
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Fee table is not clear at quick overview

Post by blue & green » Mon Apr 05, 2021 3:26 am


We see the table of fees here: https://www.epo.org/applying/fees/inter ... -fees.html

could you assist us please on what amount of fees would be payed,based on the given below information regarding our documentation.

(Relevance:ePCT on WIPO'S web-interface)
** ISA =TR (currently just one application but we shall/may have sequential applications,if it is suitable)
** RO=TR
** national phase ,entry=EPO (if specific state entry is required, specify please).

I request two types of fees

1) what is the examination and search fees (separately)?
2) what is the total fee that should be payed? (including search & examination fee)

blue & green

due to many responsibilities that (especially for sometimes) are overwhelming, we cannot dominate all the related contents. So,although we give the probability that this misunderstanding or missing point is caused on our personal side, we ask your kind understanding on opening and waiting response to this thread.


EPO / Patent Information
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Re: Fee table is not clear at quick overview

Post by EPO / Patent Information » Wed Apr 07, 2021 8:12 am

Minimum requirements for entry into the European phase: See the 'Guide for applicants: PCT procedure before the EPO (Euro-PCT Guide)' 5.2.005

The following requirements shall be met and the current fees shall be paid within 31 months of the earliest priority date or where no priority is claimed from the date of filing of the international application:
  • supply a translation of the international application into one of the EPO’s official languages (French, German, English) only if it was not published in one of these
  • pay the national basic fee (€260 for filing in paper (Fee Code is 020) or €125 if you are filing online and an additional fee of €16 per page is applicable for the 36th and each subsequent page of the application (Fee Code 520)),
  • as a rule, pay the designation fee (€610 for all EPC Contracting States (Fee code 005)),
  • pay the extension fee(s) (€102 for each Extension State if wished)
  • pay the validation fee(s) (if wished) depending on the international date of filing for Morocco (€240 – if international date of filing is on or after 1 March 2015) for Moldova (€200 – if international date of filing is on or after 1 November 2015) for Tunisia (€180 - if international date of filing is on or after 1 December 2017), for Cambodia (€180 - if international date of filing is on or after 1 March 2018).
  • the search fee must be paid where a supplementary European search report is required depending on the International Search Authority (ISA) in charge. See 'Notice from the European Patent Office dated 20 March 2020 concerning search and examination fees' (published in OJ 3/2020, A30, page 9 (copied below)) in connection with the Annex to this notice for the applicable search fee.
  • file the request for examination and pay the examination fee €1700 or €1900 (Fee Code 006) depending on the ISA; (see afore-mentioned Notice and Annex to check the ISA)).
  • pay where appropriate, the renewal fee for the third year (€490)**, if this has fallen due (see information below on renewal fees).
  • pay the claims fee payable for the sixteenth and each subsequent claim (for each claim from the 16th to the 50th: €245, for the 51st and each subsequent claim: €610 (Fee Code 015)), see 'What further requirements need to be considered?' 5.2.006
For applicants who file the request for examination in an admissible non -EPO language in addition to the (pre -crossed) request in the language of the proceedings, the examination fee is reduced by 30% provided they are:
  • an SME,
  • a natural person,
  • a non -profit organisation, a university or a public research organisation
See (Rule 6(4) EPC, Article 14(1) RFees). Under Rule 6(6) EPC, applicant s wishing to benefit from the fee reduction must declare that they are an entity or natural person covered by Rule 6(4) EPC. They must file this declaration at the latest by the time of payment of the fee in question, either by crossing this box (EPO Form 1200) or separately (for this purpose, non mandatory EPA/EPO/OEB Form 1011 is available from the EPO website). If there are multiple applicants, for the reduction to apply, each one must be an entity or a natural person within the meaning of Rule 6(4) EPC. In such cases, it is however sufficient for only one of the multiple applicants to be entitled to file documents in an admissible non -EPO language (Article 14(4), Rule 6(3) EPC).

See also the 'Guidelines for examination in the European Patent Office' A-X, 9.2.1
Kind regards,

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How to answer forums.epo.org ??

Post by Alexscg » Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:38 pm

Please tell me how to answer an existing topic?
What am I doing wrong?
Please tell me.
Thank you.

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