Flywheel patent search

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Flywheel patent search

Post by slakshmi » Mon Jun 12, 2017 2:36 pm


I am creating a query for finding all patents relevant to flywheels, including patents for flywheels as component in a larger system, and peripheral components in flywheel systems. So far I have used the following search terms to find IPC classifications relevant to my search:

Search keywords:

I got lists of over a hundred classifications for each keyword search. For the latter three keywords, I filter patents by searching for the following keywords in the title and/or abstract:

Filter keywords:
"energy storage"

The full list of classes using this approach is long - over 100 line items. There are several false positives generated with this method, but this hopefully ensures there are fewer false negatives.

My questions are:
1. Are there any keywords I should add to [either] list to make it more comprehensive?
2. Is there a simpler but still robust approach?

EPO / Patent Information
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Re: Flywheel patent search

Post by EPO / Patent Information » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:56 am

Dear slakshmi,

Unfortunately "Flywheels" are very generic. Flywheels are everywhere in mechanics and there are dozens of relevant entries, e.g. in F16F, you have tens of them depending if you are looking for purely storing the energy or using a flywheel to damp torsional vibrations.

Therefore the best our experts can do without having any more specific information is to point you to the capability of Espacenet to rank main groups according to the frequency of usage in document abstracts of the term in question (in this case flywheel).

The more stars, the more frequent the term is in the document abstracts of the classification place:
Kind regards,

The Patent Information User Support Team

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