Forced upgrade to Version 4?

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Geoff Amabilino
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Forced upgrade to Version 4?

Post by Geoff Amabilino » Fri Oct 17, 2008 4:05 pm


In an earlier thread concerning the upgrade from v3.20 to v4.00, Thorsten said:

"But there are more arguments for upgrading to v4 apart from fixes and some new features (such as the introduction of an internal fee sheet), any further update, such as the PCT plug-in mentioned, will only be made available for v4."

So, no more updates (eg. fee changes) for the large v3.20 userbase?

We don't think we were informed about this - was anyone else?

Also, all installation files and patches for v3.20 appear to have been removed from the epoline web site - not good if anyone gets into difficulties!

Answers from the epoline team and comments from other users welcome...

Happy e-filing...


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Re: Forced upgrade to Version 4?

Post by Ckral » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:01 pm

Hello Mr. Amabilino,

well it was briefly mentioned when the SDK was released that after launch of 4.00 there would be a maintenance freeze for 3.20.

However I agree that there should be repository for the old versions and the plugins just in case someone got troubles during the grace period or when the upgrade fails and one needs to reinstall 3.20 e.g.
Christoph Kral

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Re: Forced upgrade to Version 4?

Post by twesthues » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:21 pm

Hello gentlemen,

the repository exists but is not publically visible in order to avoid any confusion for newcomers. Please contact our support if you're in need of the old installation.

On the line of forced update - well, you're not forced as long as you can live with the old functionality and the respective receiving/filing office still accepts filings prepared with these versions. However, in order to reduce cost and effort on development and related quality assurance, in the end it is the applicant's money that is invested here, it makes sense to only upgrade the most recent version. The compromise is given by the fact that only one major release/upgrade is promised per year. However, any rule or fee changes are dealt with on demand by EPO, PCT and National Offices and these are usually leading to patches of the major release.

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