Form 1200 (EuroPCT) - XML present after sending but no PDF


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Form 1200 (EuroPCT) - XML present after sending but no PDF

Post by chrishemingway » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:52 pm


We usually print off the PDF of the Form1200 generated after sending, for our files, and so our formalites staff know which fees have been paid.

However, after sending an application today, if we try and view it, although epf1200.pdf is listed, it cannot be viewed - nothing happens when you click on it. I notice that there does not appear to be an actual PDF file associated with it when I've delved into \EPO_OLF5\fm\data\temp.

I also notice that the ep-euro-pct.xml file is present - is there any way of recreating the PDF for our files, as this format is understood by our formalites staff whereas the raw XML is not.

Also the receipt indicates that the PDF was received. How can we confirm that this is actually the case given the above problem?



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Re: Form 1200 (EuroPCT) - XML present after sending but no PDF

Post by twesthues » Mon Jul 12, 2010 3:13 pm

Dear Chris,

please approach the EPO User support (see above or ) with your problem. The forum is not the right place for such specific issues that may require close communications to find out the exact circumstances of your problem as what you're describing is not a 'normal' behaviour.

Sorry for not being more helpful at this point.