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Forum to exchange patent knowledge and its best practices

Posted: Fri May 24, 2024 8:06 am
by Patent_Knowledge@EPO
Dear Users,

We are committed to providing high-quality products and services that are accessible to everyone. In line with this commitment, we are transitioning to a single point of contact for customer support.

Please note that starting from 01 June 2024, the publicly accessible discussion forum will no longer be actively monitored by EPO experts. Should you need assistance, we encourage you to reach out through our contact form and we will address your enquiries promptly.

For the latest updates on the availability of our online services, please consult our information page.

While the forum will not be staffed by our experts, we still encourage its use as a valuable peer-to-peer platform for the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

For more information about our Patent Knowledge data, tools, and services, kindly navigate to our dedicated webpage.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Patent Knowledge@EPO

Re: Forum to exchange patent knowledge and its best practices

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2024 9:12 am
by KerstinThoma
Dear EPO team,

I can't understand the decision.

The forum is our only point of contact for problems.
Questions and problems with OPS or DocDB could often be found here. The EPO's answers are often helpful.

Often you can answer your questions with the help of all the answers here.

Please reconsider your decision.
The forum is very important!
It is important that the EPO product managers are informed when there are new forum entries.
It is important that EPO product managers share their information here with their customers.
If it is no longer technically possible to operate the forum via the EPO website, Discord could be used, for example.

If there are few posts from customers/users, it is a good sign that everything is going well.

Look at the numbers, almost 1500 times the problem with the wrong return headers has been viewed.

Thank you very much for considering the wishes of your users/customers,
Kerstin Thoma.