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Help!--Global patent index (GPI) query problem!

Posted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:06 pm
by Jason_Zhang
I'm looking for now many patents contains NPL in a certain patent group.

Specifically, using query "PUD>=2004/01/01 and IPC=A61P" I can get the total number of patents in sector "A61P" from 2004/01/01 to present. My question is how many of them contains NPL? I tried "PUD>=2004/01/01 and IPC=A61P and not (CNPL=*)" but it doesn't work. I guess "not (CNPL=*)" stands for missing information of NPL but not "don't contain NPL"

This is the basis of my research and very important to me.

Thank you very much! :lol: