Help!--I'm stuckon Global patent index (GPI) query!

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Help!--I'm stuckon Global patent index (GPI) query!

Post by Jason_Zhang » Fri Jun 20, 2014 5:17 pm

Just a simple question: I'm looking for now many patents contains NPL in a certain patent group.

There is a group of patents:
time span: 2004/01/01 to present
sector: IPC=A61P

There are many patents in this group, and some cited NPL (non-patent-literature) but others don't. What's the query for the number of patents containing NPL in this group?

using query "PUD>=2004/01/01 and IPC=A61P" I can get the total number of patents. The number of searching result is offered. So of which, how many patent contains NPL?

I tried "PUD>=2004/01/01 and IPC=A61P and not (CNPL=*)" but it doesn't work. I guess "not (CNPL=*)" stands for missing information of NPL in a patent but not "this patent doesn't contain NPL".

Please somebody help me!

Patrick Le Gonidec
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Re: Help!--I'm stuckon Global patent index (GPI) query!

Post by Patrick Le Gonidec » Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:21 pm

First of all, we apologise for answering so late to your post which we overlooked. For future questions about GPI, please use the GPI forum

PUD>=2004/01/01 and IPC=A61P and CNPL=*
retrieves all publications containing at least 1 NPL citation whatever the origin of the citation (from the applicant, search report, third parties, etc. - see also more detailed search criteria such as CNSR "NPL citations in search reports", etc.)

NPL citations can be included in you result list for further download (current download limit = 1.500)

A query using "ANDNOT" or "AND NOT" may help to assess the quality of bibliographic data, e.g.
PUC=AT AND PUD=2014 ANDNOT IPC=* would retrieve publications lacking IPC data.

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