How to identify the best product, tool or service for your needs?

This space is made available to users of Open Patent Services (OPS) web-service and now also to users of EPO’s bulk data subscription products such as 14. EPO worldwide bibliographic database (DOCDB), 14.11 EPO worldwide legal status database (INPADOC), 14.12 EP full text data, 14.1 EP bibliographic data (EBD)and more.

Users can ask each other questions, exchange experiences and solutions, post ideas. The moderator will use this space to announce changes or other relevant information.
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How to identify the best product, tool or service for your needs?

Post by EPO / OPS Support » Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:31 pm

Choosing best suited patent information data sets, products and service can be quite complicated endeavour for many of our users, this is why we try to assist you in any way we can by helping you and your team choose the best option for your specific need or project.

No paying data set can be bought at the EPO without prior communication between potential users and our data specialists either by email or lately more and more by live online consultation meetings via Skype, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet etc.

1.) When choosing a product, have a look at the website with all listed datasets: ... -sets.html
or in case of webservice: ... s/ops.html

On each individual product page you will find details about the product, conditions, terms of use sizes and format information as well as sample data and links to documentation and manuals, if available.

2.) If you are not sure which product would fulfil your data requirements, use our table : "Which bulk data sets best suit your needs?" available on every product page in gray banner under "Also see" heading.
3.) Before you place an order on the website using "Order" button, send us a short email describing your requirements and your plans or other details that can help us confirm that you have indeed chosen the best option.

You can also request to have live online consultation with us and your team in order to clarify your needs before purchase. That goes for all datasets and for OPS webservices, either paying or free.
Our email is

Since datasets or OPS paying subscription cannot be returned after purchase, we want to make sure that you always choose the best option before your place your order in our online shop.

We are here to help you, from choosing to using.


Ms Vesna Vajsbaher for Bulk data sets and OPS webservices,
Patent Data Team in European Patent Office in Vienna, Austria

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