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Important Information for developers #1

Posted: Thu Feb 14, 2008 5:18 pm
by twesthues
General PMS/Gateway interface issue:

The eOLF system uses an internal.xml file in order to cater for GUI specific features which cannot be used with the elements defined by the DTDs of the respective procedure. It is very important to know that this internal.xml will not be accepted from a Patent Management System but ignored when importing. Please be aware that the development kit version currently available does use the internal.xml but this will be disabled when launching v4 and it will then use application-body.xml instead.

Data such as page ranges for the various parts of description, claim, abstract and/or drawings of a patent specification document can be imported with the help of the application-body.xml file or within the respective *_request.xml if the DTD is designed that way (e.g. EP1001E2K i.e. ep-request-v1-4.dtd).