India: New technical add-ons in the InPASS databases

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India: New technical add-ons in the InPASS databases

Post by EPO / Asia Info » Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:42 pm

Dear users,

In December 2017, the Indian Patent Office (IPO) ... 2-1-18.pdf
collected wishes, comments and feedback, including suggestions for the further development of its official database – InPASS during a Stakeholder Meeting in Delhi.

Many suggestions have been accepted by the IPO and have been worked upon since the meeting. Recently, the first changes and improvements have been implemented in the InPASS database. For example, direct deep links to the E-Register and Application Status section for a particular application have been introduced directly in the search result list.

Additionally, the specification is now also available in text format under the Bibliographic data and under the Abstract in the document view of each application. A link to the online file inspection has been added to all sections available for any patent application or granted patent.

Our Asian Patent Information Services team in Vienna will continue monitoring for you any changes in the official databases of the Indian and other Asian patent offices.

For further help with the retrieval of patent information from Asia and beyond, feel free to contact or post your question here in this forum.

With kind regards,

Your Asian Patent Information Services Team

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