INPADOC classification now available in most EPO products and services

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INPADOC classification now available in most EPO products and services

Post by EPO / Patent Data Services » Tue Dec 18, 2018 3:11 pm

The EPO has developed the so-called INPADOC classification scheme to make legal status data more understandable und useable for a broad variety of target groups, ranging from occasional users of patent information to professional and frequent users.

Approximately 2 800 INPADOC legal event codes used since 1997 have been classified. Category data was made available as of Q2/2018 and we are now happy to announce that it is now fully visible in a number of products and services offered by the EPO.

The category level consists of 21 categories, ranging from A (application filing) to Y (correction and deletion of event information) and to Z (covering event codes which could not be categorised yet). The categories used in the EPO database are largely modelled after the category level of the WIPO ST.27 standard. For example, events related to applications for supplementary protection certificates are covered in the INPADOC classification scheme in category G (Protection beyond IP right term) enabling patent information users to retrieve legal event data regarding this important type of protection right beyond IP right term without undue burden. Category N from WIPO ST. 27 is not used by the INPADOC classification scheme.

Where are the categories in the EPO products and services?

Available as bulk data for INPADOC legal status database subscribers
( ... padoc.html)

Visible in Espacenet
( ... =ep1000000)

Searchable in Global Patent Index

Included in PATSTAT Global (online and bulk data)
( ... tstat.html)

List of categories of the INPADOC classification scheme

Category Title
A Application filing
B Application discontinuation
C Application revival
D Search and examination
E Pre-grant review request
F IP right grant
G Protection beyond IP right term
H IP right cessation
K IP right revival
L IP right review request
M IP right maintenance
P Re-publication of document after modification
Q Document publication
R Party data change
S Information on licensing and similar transactions
T Administrative procedure adjustment
U Payment
V Appeal
W Other
Y Correction and deletion of event information
Z Classification pending

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