Introduction to patent indicators: sample code & test data.

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Geert Boedt
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Introduction to patent indicators: sample code & test data.

Post by Geert Boedt » Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:12 pm

Hi everyone,

Geert Boedt (EPO), Helene Dernis (OECD) and myself have written a 10-page introduction to the offline Patstat database. The article provides MySQL and SQL codes for several popular queries:
- How to identify patent applications by technology field
- How to identify PCT patent applications
- How to know whether a patent application is a priority filing
- How to compute the patent family size
- How to count patents by country of inventor/applicant
- How to identify patents resulting from international collaboration
- How to count citations
- How to know whether a patent was granted
- How to link Patstat with external databases

If you are new to Patstat, then it is a great starting point. If you are already familiar with Patstat, the article is a good way of validating your queries!

You can download the article free of charge: ... eries.html from my website.
The source code as well as a sample MS Access database for those of you who don’t have Patstat installed is available from Run My Code website.

The article is forthcoming in the Australian Economic Review:

de Rassenfosse, G., Dernis, H. & Boedt, G., 2014. "An introduction to the Patstat database with example queries". Australian Economic Review 47(3), 395-408.

Enjoy !


PS: You may also be interested in a previous related topic on the worldwide count of priority filings.

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