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IP Score financial details input

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:55 am
by GeorgePanagopoulos
Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to you because I have some problems with IP score software regarding which I would like to ask the following questions :

1) Can I send email to somebody who can provide me support regarding IP Score tool?
2) I tried to do valuation of a patent with one of my clients from Enterprise Europe Network. We put down the numbers (costs and projected revenues) and we made a projection for the profits of first 5 years. Afterwards I found on the internet an average royalty rate for the specific sector which my client is active in and I multiplied it with the projected profits in order to calculate the value of the patent. I do not know if this method is valid. I also calculated NPV and IRR.

I also tried to use IP score.

- The first problem is that it does not work with Access 2013 so I had to turn in an older computer with Access 2007.

- I imported some financial details (ie the turnover) but I am not sure if I used the correct data. Does the turnover that I have to use regard only the first year or all the consecutive 5 years?

- I would also like to ask about depreciation. This means that if I have to make an initial investment of 100000 euros and the useful life of the patent is 5 years the depreciation is 100000/5 = 20000?

-I made some trials but the results see to be a bit odd

Thank in advance for your help

Kind Regards
George Panagopoulos