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Is a CPQ search for family possible ?

Posted: Fri Oct 03, 2014 3:50 pm
by pierreb
Hello (again),

I would like to retreive patents families from a CQL search, in 1 query.

For exemple with this query /rest-services/published-data/search/biblio/?q=ta%20all%20%22people%2Ccounting%2Cmethod%2Csecurity%22
I will get 4 patents, 2 of which are from the same family (2nd and 3rd).
I would like to avoid this duplication and get ony 3 results (familes) including the priority information.

I tried doing CQL search inside the 'family' service (family/published-data/search/...) and also to specify the 'equivalents' endpoint in a 'published-data' CQL search. But these seems not allowed.

Of course I could query the family service for each of the /published-data/search/ results but this adds more requests and redudant data.

Is there another solution ?

many thanks,

Re: Is a CPQ search for family possible ?

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:01 am
by EPO / OPS Support
Dear Pierre,

CQL search (same as SMART search in Espacenet) is only available in OPS Published services with possibility to obtain biblio, abstract and/or a full-cycle. You can not add any other constituents on that keyword search.

As far as de-duplication - you always have possibility to manipulate your result list. So, for example, look for the same "famn"(family ID) and ask the system to filter out all duplicates and only leave one document per "famn". And even there you can add criteria like, only EN publications or only granted..... whatever you like. That is a good thing in XML :-) and this is exactly how our Espacenet functions. Did you ever noticed that in Espacenet you will first get certain number of results, and when you go from page 1 to page 2 of your hit list, you will get different number of results and the number will change again for every consequent page?? That is exactly the same principal as mentioned above - first the system will give you all results and on the first page of the hit list actual number of hits will appear and with every next page the system will filter our duplicates and amend number of results accordingly.

Also, please do not confuse simple patent families in OPS Published Service/Equivalents with family you get via OPS Family Service:
- Simple patent family you can only get via OPS Published services and Equivalent constituent.
- What you've mentioned below is extended patent family service also known as INPADOC patent family and that one is much broader than simple Docdb patent family.

I hope this helps,

OPS support

Re: Is a CPQ search for family possible ?

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:47 am
by pierreb
thanks for the clarification, it helps.