is Patent Search of Patents in a specific region possible?

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is Patent Search of Patents in a specific region possible?

Post by MarkM » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:47 pm

I am searching for Patents that match one of 17 IPC Codes and originate from Patent Holders of a specific NUTS-2 region. Unfortunately i have not found any means on the site that could assist me in the task.

As a whole, even the extended search is quite restrictive in quantity of search terms (only 10 IPC codes are allowed) and quantity of search fields and results pages are also kept with very few information.

I know that the data about the origin of a patent holder is available, because everyone needs to issue an address for a patent, but even the result pages of a search doesn't give that information away. As a whole this looks like a "we had to do it due to regulations and it needed to look nice, so we did it as few functionality as required"

So my questions are, in case anyone is here who has more experience in searching for patents than me:
1) Is there a way on this site to search for patent holders in a specific NUTS-2 region that match one of 17 IPC classifications ?
2) Is there a way to get the raw data from the patents (without the patents content), so i can build my own search engine that could do the task?
3) is there another search engine available that can do my task? - Sadly, even google patent search isn't able to do this.

It would be great if anyone with knowledge could reply me. I'm no company, wouldn't do payment for patent search, i need it for university research purposes. I'm sure there has to be a public and free way to get to that data.

Geert Boedt
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Re: is Patent Search of Patents in a specific region possibl

Post by Geert Boedt » Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:12 am

Hello Mark,
There is no straight forward solution (for free) to your request.
The short answer is : combine the OECD REGPAT data base with PATSTAT (in order to have the IPC classification codes which are not available in REGPAT) and you have a data base where you will find all the data you need.
PATSTAT: ... tstat.html

Without going too much in detail: REGPAT is based on the PATSTAT data base and can be linked to PATSTAT without any further. REGPAT is for free, but PATSTAT is not. The best would be if your university purchases PATSTAT and hosts it on a central server so that everybody at your university can make use of the data.
If that is no option, then I would recommend the following approach:
1) Request a trial account for PATSTAT Online (valid for 2 months)
2) Extract a PATSTAT subset (ACCESS or CSV) with the data for the patents in the respective IPC codes. As you intend to limit the data to a number of NUTS codes, you can already narrow down the selection based on the country of the applicants. You probably will need to narrow down further (application year, authority) in order to stay below the threshold of the 100.000 applications limit for the subset. To use PATSTAT Online, you need to have some SQL knowledge.
3) Upload REGPAT to your database (or the REGPAT tables you need)
4) Join REGPAT and PATSTAT tables and write your IPC/NUTS queries.
Best regards,

Geert Boedt
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